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Abu Dhabi

Rotating Volvo (you tube link)

A 45 min ride away from Dubai is the richest city in the world.   There is not much to do in this area but events are always grandiose.  Concerts are enormous, race shows are flamboyant and conventions are at its largest.  To go here, you could either take a bus or drive from Dubai.  Buses are strict, the females are separated from the males.  If you are a male, chances are it will be conducive at the back of the bus.

The place is also strict with their clothing.  Females must wear long sleeves and hide their legs.  Wrapping the hair is unnecessary unless you feel like it.  Also, taxis are easy to find and cheap.  Do not forget to drive by the Emirates Palace, the most exclusive hotel in the world.  Only Sheiks and selected people are allowed to enter.

emirates palace
No one is allowed to take photos of the palace. I tried…

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