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Netherland’s capital and largest city after it its Rotterdam and apartment Rotterdam, Amsterdam lives to what it is known.  People come here for fun and this is what you will get from this city.  One will enjoy the freedom of going around their red light district.   Even the females, non-conservative (ahem), would enjoy loitering around this side of town.

The city is alive day and night with Cannabis museums, Marijuana cafe and  non Marijuana Museums and shops.  The beautiful canals around town is a UNESCO World Heritage.  There are  boats available for cruising.  Surrounding the city is quite mellow with beautiful blooming flowers.  A sight to see.

Shopping is wonderful as it is built around the city’s theme of remarkable old buildings. Likewise, the churches.  Going around town is easy with buses and trolleys.  Tourist information are everywhere.

As in any country be careful of taxi drivers that will drive in loop to your destination.  Instead of few blocks, you might get there longer.


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