Life is always good in Brazil.  People have endless smiles and hyperactive body language. Funny it seems, but they act the words they speak by hand gestures or body motions.  It seems that nobody has a problem.  People choose to be happy whatever language they speak; Portuguese, Spanish or English.

Sao Paulo is the money making city, although it’s not Brazil’s capital.  There are not much sights to see for tourists but as a Brazilian nation, this place can be full of life with its upbeat people and party places.  City tours are offered everywhere.  This is more recommendable since driving here is difficult.  Communication wise, they speak Portuguese but Spanish and English are widely used.  Sucos or fruit juice are found in every corner together with their delectable pastries.

Take a bus or fly to the beaches of Rio de Janeiro and experience Brazil at its peak.  Copa cobana and Ipanema are the affluent side of the stretch.  It is truly worthy with locals playing futbol (European football) and footvolley (volleyball using their feet).  Enjoy the stroll along the porcelain white sand with views of hotels lined up along the coast.  The inner streets are filled with Brazilian restaurants, more hotels, condominiums, salons and shops. Walking here is a stroll in the park.

Moreover, night life is very vibrant in Rio.  Bossanova style of music is played in certain bars.  Concerts pop out every now and then at the beach area.  Churrascarias, Brazilian style barbeque, is a must try.  Servers cut different kinds of steak and side dishes on your plate.  Garota de Ipanema is  a restaurant- bar where Mr.  Jobim wrote the famous song “Girl from Ipanema.” The walls are filled up with pictures and lyrics from the song.

Brazil will always be fun and full of festivities.  God gave them affluent nature and a noteworthy nation.

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  1. Hi Ari!This post took my breath away! She is a sinhing example of advanced style, and such an inspiration. Just what I needed!Thank you so much for sharing with us. Best, J.

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