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The Good SAMARitan

Who would have known that Northern Samar can be as far wide adventure full and interestingly eye candy material?  A vast number of people all over the world are starting to catch the Northern Samar wonders.  Torn between surprises, Northern Samar is working its wonders to local and foreign tourists who have started to settle in different parts of the province.  They are mostly found in the area of Bobon.  Bobon is a residential town in the first district of Northern Samar.   While there are scattered beach resorts around the island, I highly recommend Bobon Beach Resort, Filipino and Norwegian owned managed by an American.  Hot or cold shower is available, tidy and spacious rooms, friendly and accommodating employees, gastronomic meals and great view of Mt. Mayon and Mt. Bulusan during sunset.  The sunset starts from clear skies to pinkish heaven to sunny orange.

What has pursued its residents to maintain a loving feeling with this town?  Let us start with its fascinating rock formations.  As it is found nearest the Pacific Ocean, rock formations are scattered on the sides of the island.  The Biri rock formation is a favorite stop.   From the beach, the view of the rock makes your heart pump faster.  Then, with no superior IQ needed, you decide to walk towards it. It seems that there is a magnet pulling you.  The green color viewed across the beach becomes defined with the coconut green color from the trees, the silver-gray color from the rocks; the golden brown color from the sand.  Within its territory, is a crystal clear pool of water where you could indulge in an interestingly hot water dip with some small fish that swims around.  Ooh la la!

From Biri island, you can hop to Kapul island.  The island’s name used to be Acapulco but since its residents had a hard time pronouncing its first and last letters, it just turned Kapul.  Take a bike ride from the villagers’ motor cross bikes towards the Kapul lighthouse above the mountain.  The excellent view will give you three bodies of water, The Samar seas and the Sorsogon seas divided by San Bernardino straight.  On the left side is a white sand beach and Northern Samar’s own underground river.

Hop once more to San Vicente island, Northern Samar’s pearl farm.  Snorkel or dive around this island with its colorful under water marine life or just hang around its white sand beach.  Northern Samar is also known for its discovered and undiscovered caves.  While trekking and spelunking gives you the workout, stalagmites and stalactites gives you the shivers as they are formed hundreds of years and are visible all over the cave.  Some caves, even, have ancient writings in it and there are more undiscovered caves to hunt.  Watch out for the bat manure!  While some countries preserve bat manure by putting a sign not to step on it, do not forget to wear proper feet attire, it is hard to miss them inside the cave.  Samar, the Coco land, has never failed to quench my thirst on a hot summer day, over some trekking experience or plain relaxation.  The coconuts are everywhere and abundant.  Villagers climb the tree and will instantly serve you coco juice, finishing the nut by cutting it in half and giving you an enhanced coco spoon for its fruit.   Smile! The good SAMARitan is just here in the Philippines.

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