you could also work out on a hike in Ibiza

It’s a party island, so please, surprise be not!  The party starts in late afternoon where people start dancing and drinking on the beach.  Music is electro, house or techno.  You might find more than dancing and drinking on this beach and this is what Ibiza is known for.  People either continue to party or rest in early evenings.  Clubs in San Antoni starts to get packed in later evenings.  Famous DJs come over here and play their expertise.  Its a great party island.  To get in clubs could be expensive, especially for males.

If you’re fond of diving, I would not recommend it.  It is the mediterranean sea and sea life is scarce.  Seeing an octopus could be your only highlight.  The sea is not as visible.

There are quiet family beaches around the coast but Ibiza is not famous for this.  Party is their thing and party you will get.  Just remember to come in season.  The island is practically empty on winters.

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