HongKong Hat- Ultimate Fun For All

The HongKong Hat started modestly with few teams when it started.  This is around June of every year.  For the past 2 years, it is getting popular internationally.  Plenty of Ultimate players around the world has started to join the HK hat.  Why?  Because the HK hat committee earned it.  This hat is fun and well-organized.

Pre-registration is announced beforehand online.  This should be a few months before the actual tourney.   On the HK hat weekend, there is a party on a Friday night where people know their teams and meet the other players as well.  Get ready for some beer pong!

Saturday-Sunday is full of Ultimate games where one team plays 3-4 games in a day.  HK hat has well distributed players.  The games are expected to have close game points.

This year, 5Ultimate was the Ultimate jersey give away.   Lunch is inclusive of the registration fee together with hydration.

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Saturday night is the HK hat party.  The HK Ultimate committee thinks of a theme for the event and players dress in costumes in a specific bar.  2013 HK Hat theme is Noah’s ark.  Plenty of Noah’s animals roam around the street of HK during this weekend.

As expected, the party ends late for most.  The booze is not free but the registration fee is not expensive for the hat.  Good vibes and good sounds are also free.

HK-Rob Hawkins






Overall, HK Hat is highly recommendable for Ultimate players around the world for a fun and slightly competitive Ultimate games.  If you weren’t able to join this year, see you next year!

*photos courtesy of players during the HK hat