Are Ghosts Real?


Many of us have experienced different forms of nonhuman entities. It could be a feeling of being attacked, being scared or being spiritual. We cannot deny these experiences. This leads us to question if these paranormal entities are real.

A paranormal investigator group called “Profiles of the Unknown” is now present in Manila and they are conducting ghost tours usually on a Friday night. It is held in a mansion somewhere in Ortigas. The mansion is inspired by English castles that is why it is made of granite. Some of the stones came from graveyards, thus explaining the numbers on the stones. This is the first organised ghost tour in the Philippines led by Jade Martin, the founder of Profiles of the Unknown. The tour starts at the foyer of the mansion where the history of the mansion will be told. Beware! Once you open the door, you have just been welcomed by the spirits.

Moving inside the house, stories from the owner of the mansion, JR (also a member of the paranormal investigators) of paranormal activities will be told from his childhood days to the present. He is also the photographer of the group and he will show you pictures of paranormal entities in the house. While Anton will be using his different equipments to gather evidence of an existence of outside entities. One of the equipment is the EMF meter. Electromagnetic field meter is used to measure magnetic energy emitted in the area it is measuring. Another member is the priest, Ricky. Ricky is the exorcist of the group.

This tour can go from one to three hours depending on the group who is visiting. The paranormal investigators ensures the safety of the guests. If there is heavy breathing or if one is experiencing a paranormal activity, the investigators are present to help.

After this ghost tour, you be the judge. Are ghosts real?