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Manila’s Oriental Zen Suites

Oriental Zen suites

Traffic in Manila could be an excruciating experience.  It would really be a treat to get out of it as soon as possible.  It was a good thing while I was in the Manila area of the metro, I stumbled upon Oriental Zen suites.  It is a new hotel along A. Mendoza in Sampaloc area.

Here’s the scenario:

Driving back would take 3 hours and I’m still far from my home.  That means, I would be trolling to get home. I decided I’d rather get things done in a convenient space than troll in this traffic.

I entered the newly established hotel and was pleased with the interior and clean atmosphere. The concierge was helpful and patient.  She asked me for a booking reference and gladly assisted on booking the hotel.  Then she escorted me to my room.  I did not have too many things yet she politely asked me if she could help.

Oriental Zen suites

When I entered the room, I thought it was quite spacious.  I chose the premiere room and thought it was worth it.  More space means more room for thinking.  I had a desk where I could put my mac to work on my backlogs.  There was a water heater for my coffee in case I decide it to be a late night work.  A small sized refrigerator was enough to keep my water and Gatorade cold.  The kitchenette has a sink and worthy cabinets to keep my snacks.  There was also a cabinet with drawers for my small luggage that night.

I put the TV on for news and for it to wake me up.  Very effective.

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Oriental Zen suites Oriental Zen suites

In the morning I checked out the place and saw a hub.  This hub is for students to chill and hang, sometimes socialise.  The lower floors are composed of dorms to cover for the university nearby.  This seems to be a sound business move for the hotel.

Oriental Zen suites

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