Celebrate International Day of Yoga the Certified Calm Way!

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Certified Calm and Evolve Yoga & Fitness stepped on the mat for ‘Yoga Your Way to Fitness’ last June 21, 2016 at the Certified Calm BGC branch.

For this event, guests were invited to get connected with their bodies and to enhance their fitness practice with Ginger Diaz Serrano as she led a Baptiste Power Vinyasa class, which was then followed by a Candlelight Flow Yoga by Chi Malasarte of Evolve Yoga & Fitness. 

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Certified Calm, your premier retailer that distributes products for Yoga, Pilates and other wellness activities, brought Yoga Your Way to Fitness to introduce and promote Yoga’s holistic benefits. Our mission is to share the discipline of active self-care through fitness and achieving this through the use of sustainable accessories.

Why Yoga? Yoga is an ancient practice that increases full-body awareness and promotes mindfulness through various poses and synchronized breath work. Studies have shown that a regular Yoga practice significantly reduces stress levels, increases confidence, benefits one’s flexibility, muscle control, and strength among others.

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Each of us have different anatomical structures, lending us various capabilities when doing different poses. Some people have longer limbs or more flexible hips. No two bodies are ever exactly alike. In terms of strength and flexibility, our bodies also vary from each other. Some need more adjustment, others don’t–but at the end of the day, it’s always about embracing your own body and allowing it to grow and unleash its best version.

Yoga accessories can help practitioners get into poses safely.  Our guests were led by Teacher Ginger and Teacher Chi to be more in touch with their bodies using Manduka blocks and mats as they flowed into the invigorating Yoga session. Manduka is the leading brand producing mats and Yoga accessories in the marketplace today. Each product is made with a simple design using renewable and natural materials whenever possible.

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The Manduka block is made with sustainable materials designed for heavy weights, pressure, and tension necessary for proper Yoga adjustments. The mats are made with natural rubber to avoid slipping especially when transitioning from one pose to another. These accessories are guaranteed to last for years—perfect for those who wish to commit to a regular Yoga practice.

As a brand, Manduka promises simplicity, durability, safety, and sustainability. Manduka also caters to whatever is suitable for you and your lifestyle. Considering to get on the mat for fitness? How about a Manduka Pro or Manduka ProLite as your trusty Yoga companion? Manduka accessories come in different forms, sizes and are made with different sustainable materials. Whether you stay at home or you travel, you can pick mats and accessories perfect for your fitness needs.

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There are endless possibilities with Yoga, which is why sites like NeuropathyReliefGuide.com refer to it as one of the healthiest activities. Let Certified Calm be part of your journey to a healthier, fitter version you. Visit our shops and check-out our other premiere brands such as ToeSox, Klean Kanteen, Onzie, Beyond Yoga, Easyoga, Lorna Jane and Liquido. A healthy and holistic lifestyle is integral in one’s well-being. This is what Certified Calm stands for and we invite you to be part of this holistic fitness movement.

Certified Calm is located at Level 3 Main Wing Shangri – La Plaza Mall and at Two Parkade, 30th Street Corner 7th Avenue, Taguig. Visit www.certifiedcalm.com for more details and follow @certified_calm for updates.

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