Pizza and Amore in El Nido

The best pizzas are baked in firewood oven topped with fresh ingredients.   You will find the best pizza in town (El Nido) at the ground floor of one of the shops at Lio Estate.

Yes, there is a certain romance that fills the air of this restaurant.  Pizza and Amore boasts its nicely made brick oven right in front of the guests.  You can see your pizza going in the firewood and being baked freshly in front of you.  Count a few more minutes and pizza will be served nicely on a wooden pan.   While you wait for your pizza, you can also try their freshly sliced cold cuts.  You can see it being worked on too.  The master is not shy to show his skills.
The finish product… slices of Prosciutto, ham and .  In the middle are crunchy, freshly baked pita.  Dig in! 
Then… pizza time!  There are several kinds of pizza available in these restaurant but these two are my fave.   Bacon on pizza?  Oh, yes please!  While the classic four cheese or Quattro Formaggio will always be my staple order.Lastly comes their romantic desserts for the sweet tooth. They are super delicious.  The chocolate melts in your mouth.  The crust of the bread is perfectly thin and crispy for this dessert.  If you are done with the bread and just want a simple and tasty dessert, get this dessert with vanilla ice cream.

This place is truly Amore!

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