The Truly Majestic Napali Coast: Kauia’s Must See Tour

One of the most beautiful views you could see on this Earth is the Napali coast.  There are several ways to visit this area.  You can ride the helicopter for a bird’s view of the coastal area.  This way, you could see more landscapes.  You can also ride a small speed boat that comes from the North side of the island.  The Zodiac raft is perfect for coming in nearer to coast.  You can be in the vicinity of dolphins, turtles and feel the water as you cruise. You also get to go in the sea caves.  For this trip, I chose to be in the Catamaran.  Simply because I want to be by the water, snorkel, eat delicious food and have drinks in the boat.  I also brought with me my drone, Canon camera, lenses and a lot more girly stuff.

I booked Kauai Sea tours for this trip.   We were asked to meet at Port Allen at 7 am to aboard the Catamaran.  Port Allen is found at the south shore so it’s about an hour drive for me coming from the East shore Wailua.  It was a fun and easy drive.  Nothing beats fresh breeze that brushes to your face.

From Port Allen, we walked towards the boat as a group.  The Captain led us and gave us some briefing on rules and safety regulations while being in the boat.  Then we started with the cruising.  What’s fun about this trip is that we had history telling, fun, food, free flowing drinks all in one ship.

We passed by the West shore and saw the used-to-be Robinson’s sugar mill and cane fields.   Sadly it stopped its operations last 2008.  Nowadays, the island is also known to grow delicious shrimps.  There are several shrimp shacks in the island.

While we were cruising, the captain needed to put on sun block and chat with other tourists.  I was tasked do drive the boat for awhile.  It was a calm morning so it was a fairly easy drive.  The fun is just starting.     

Towards the cruise to Napali coast, we saw a bunch of dolphins.  We stopped for awhile to say hello to them.  The dolphins were very happy and were showing off.  As we took off, some dolphins went to the front side of the coast to surf on our water.   We were truly fascinated and loving the view of these creatures.  

The view of the Napali coast came into view and we were in awe of this majestic mountains.  The curves have changed throughout millions of years ago and has formed into this beautiful terrain.  This is indeed a breathtaking coastal range.

The beautiful terrain of Napali coast is such a sight to see. For 17 miles, you will see these beautiful green pinnacle naturally formed throughout the years.

There are also waterfalls plummeting from the beautiful mountains towards the sea.

We also have seen many sea caves.  Most of it, you could go in with a smaller boat or through swimming.

The popular movie, Pirates of the Caribbean, was filmed here.  Remember all those beautiful sea caves Captain Sparrow would go through?

Part of the cruise is snorkelling.  We saw several turtles and fish.  There were not enough marine life variety but the warm water, the view and the company were all great.

I was able to fly my drone carefully without disturbing other people.

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There are also fishing trips from the other tourists from this trip.  It was just a very beautiful day for everyone to enjoy.

Going back, guests, like me, enjoyed sunbathing while seeing the beautiful shoreline of Kauai.

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