Where to Stay in Seoul?

When visiting Seoul, aside from booking an airline, you also need to book a place to stay. While there are many hotels and airBnBs in the market, I can only recommend what I’ve tried and worth recommending.

Not far from the city and near Seoul’s historical places is a very lovely place I stayed in. It’s great for families or group of friends since it has 3 bedrooms.  The master bedroom is spacious and quite stylish.  The bed has stairs leading to it.  It’s quite high and would be best for younger and more adventurous crowd.  Nonetheless, there are 2 other bedrooms that has regular and also comfortable beds.   

The master bedroom has an old school projector too.  Go watch a movie in the 90’s.  I’m thinking of Stranger things on Netflix if you have the time 😉

They also have 2 toilets and baths which make it convenient for a group.  Less waiting for group and more touring action.

The fun thing about this place is the common area where you can play the piano (if anyone is kind to). This green piano lights up the place and does not sore the eye. It actually blends well inside this place. This place also has a fantastic view of the town and mountain.

To book this place, go here.