Travel Conveniently Even with Aunt Flo (Women’s Guide)

A bit of warning….This article is not exclusive for women but would interest the women more. This is about our not so favorite Aunt’s monthly visit. Sometimes, she even arrives at the least we needed her. Let’s talk about that trip to the beach, that hike to Annapurna or even that hours being in a ride.

It is the age of convenience, yet we still have this monthly inconvenience called menstruation. It is nature’s work and we, women, should just adapt. For a very long time now, I have moved to the usual pads to tampons.

Here are the top reasons why:

How to use tampons:

Using a tampon is just as simple as using a sanitary pad, but this time you’re using a much better product. Below are easy-to-follow instructions to have a smooth-sailing tampon use!

1.  Make sure your hands are clean.

2. Take off the cover.  I prefer easily glide models because as the name suggests it is easy.

3.  For an easy insertion, position your point finger at the base of the tampon.

4.  Get into a comfortable position; sitting with your legs apart or standing with one leg raised or resting on the toilet.

5.  Then, open your labia carefully, insert the tampon with your finger at an angle.

6.  To make sure the tampon is secure, insert it a bit deeper until you won’t feel the tampon at all. The cotton withdrawal string should stay outside of your body.

7.  To remove the tampon, simply pull the withdrawal string with some force and discard it in a hygienic place.

8.  Wash your hands after the removal of a tampon.  Keep it clean always!

There are a bunch of perks for using tampons.  Here are just some of them and if you experience this usage, you will definitely know what I’m talking about.

  1.  With tampons, you can swim and not get conscious of spreading your blood before getting in the water and after.
  2. With tampons, disposing is easy and not gross.  Tampons are flushable and the extra items can be discarded without seeing hint of blood.  Pads are just gross.
  3. With tampons, wear short dresses and it will be ok.  You won’t fear of anyone seeing your huge pads inside those panties.

For extra movements use sports tampons.  Gosh, I have had experience when the tampon slid out of me.  It was good I’m wearing pants.  That would have been humiliating.  In the Philippines, where it’s not easy to find tampons.  I recommend 2 trusted online stores that can deliver to you.  Just note to order few days before your period and not when your period arrives.  Stock well too.

  1.  Sportshub
  2.  Lazada

Not so talked about but it’s great sharing a women’s point of view on Aunt Flo’s visit.