Get Rid of Sore and Tight Muscles Using a Lacrosse Ball: Best for Travellers

Do you ever come home and wish you have a personal massager that can target your sore and tight muscles? This is exactly how I feel after every workout. You just want to loosen up those thighs or relieve pain from your feet. I also feel tight after long travels and being in the plane or car for awhile.It’s a good thing that my recommendation is best for travellers since it’s light. The workout freaks will love this too because it is fairly convenient. I have been using Lacrosse ball for awhile and I might say I find this so handy.

1. Tight shoulders and upper back

If you find it hard to put the Lacrosse ball behind your back, use a sock or stocking too reach your back. Lean your user back on the wall and trigger the sore muscles in circular motion.

2. sore chest and pecs
Place the Lacrosse ball on your chest and lean against the wall. Do a circular motion.

3.  sore forearms
Find an even table and put the Lacrosse ball in between your forearms and the table. Move your forearms forward and back. Choose how much pressure you want to put in it by putting more weight on the Lacrosse ball.

4.  sore lower back
Lean your self on a flat wall. Insert Lacrosse ball in between your lower back and the wall. Start doing a circular motion. To add more pressure, it is better to do this laying down on the floor. Just place the Lacrosse ball in between the floor and your lower back. Add pressure by leaning harder on the Lacrosse ball.

5.  tight hips
Lay down side ways on the floor and place the Lacrosse ball on the side of your hips. Roll forward and back until tightness disappears.

6.  sore glutes
Place the Lacrosse ball on one of your glutes as you sit on the floor.  Make a circular motion.

7.  tight hamstring
Roll your hamstring on the floor using a Lacrosse ball. Move forward and back for this one.

8.  sore quads
This time. Lean forward to the floor and place the Lacrosse ball on your quads and the floor. Roll forward and backward.

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9.  sore calves
Place the lacrosse balls under your calves against the floor. Cross the other leg on the top of the leg with the Lacrosse ball underneath. Roll backward and forward.

10.  sore feet
Place the lacrosse ball on the arch of your foot while standing. Start rolling the Lacrosse ball and feel where the soreness leave.

Alegria is Not Just in the Song Macarena

I bet you will end up playing the song Macarena over and over in your head after reading this article.  I don’t blame you.  It is kinda catchy.  Alegria actually means joy or happiness in Portugese and Spanish.  It is also the name of a rooftop bar in Bonifacio Global City.  Expect fun and joy as you come in and dine here.

The see through kitchen will definitely make you start salivating.  Here they prepare modern Spanish cuisine that’s quite enticing.

Herewith is the Calabresa Brasileria (P270).  This comes withe Calabresa sausages, potatoes and peppers.  Calabresa translates pepperoni so you know to expect loads of pepperonis in sausage form.

A personal favorite of mine are the maize the tortillas.  You can order them individually (P160) or by threes (P450).  From left to right is the El Mexicano.  It has Puerto Rican pork loin, aalsa creole, smoked esquites, red onion, pickle cilantro, jalapeno, avocado if in season and queso cotija. The Alma Koreana has prawn, squid ink batter, napcha kimchi, ssamjang aoili, kesong puti and smoked esquites.  While the Mi Japones has misono steak, wasabi aoili, nori, mango salsa, sesame, smoked esquites and red cabbage. 

Their croquette version is also something to look forward to. Coxinha (P200) comes with pulled chicken, chicken milk broth dough and wasabi aioili.   You must have this while it’s hot and crunchy.

An interesting dish name is the Pobla No!! (P320).  This is a green pepper creme pasta dish with grilled calabacitas, cauliflower slivers and queso cotija.  It is highly recommended for vegetarians.  Just take  out the cheese if you wish to. This dish is quite spicy but definitely manageable.

The Pollo Peruano (P420) which is a churrasco (Brazilian grilled meats) is served with arroz alegria, pork crackling, crusted elote.  My favorite sauce would be the chimichurri. 

Another entree worth noting is the marinero (P380).  It has Puerto Rican rice, vino, sundried tomatoes, peppers, chorizo Kolabasz, chilean mussels, prawns and calamari.  This is great for seafood lovers.

Let’s not forget that Alegria is a Sangria bar.    The list is long for the cocktails here with price range from P220 to P350.  Take a pick from verde, litchi, cartel and la quica.  This is definitely a  place for a fun night.

Cheers to a great night! Alegria is located at the 4/F of Uniqlo bldg, ave, corner 30th st BGC, 7th, Taguig, Metro Manila.  It is open from 5pm to 2am everyday. 



F1 Hotel Manila Deals for This Summer of 2018

F1 Hotel Manila has some exciting promos and packages this summer of 2018.  Read below and make one for the books with your family and friends,

Experience Serenity at F1 Hotel Manila this Holy Week

This coming Holy Week is a great time to reflect and be spirited for a vacation.  Putting on logistics and coordination might take the rest and restoration out of the picture.  Tranquility does not have to be far from the city.  F1 Hotel Manila has a great offer for you with their Easter Room Packages.


P5400 gives you the City Suite and 6600 for the Fort suite nett per night.  This includes breakfast for 2.  They also offer discounted rates at the Easter Party for your kids.  This offer is available from March 26 to April 1.

On April F1 hotel has a Summer Safari Easter Party where the kids can dress up like Indian Jones and unleash their imagination.  A ticket is sold at P1888 with discounts for hotel guests.  This event comes with a magic show, brunch buffet, ballon twisting and of course an Easter Egg hunt.  There will be fun games, prizes and give aways. 

For inquiries call 908-7888 or email

Conquer the Summer with F1 Hotel Manila

F1 Hotel Manila is home of happy experiences.  This summer, F1 hotel hotel invites you to a memorable time with your family and friends.  The Summer Weekend Package Promo offers a deluxe room as low as Php4600 per night and City suite for only Php5100 per night. 


They come with breakfast buffet.   Enjoy your breakfast indoors or outdoors depending on your mood.  The indoor is air-conditioned and where the buffet is found.  This might be best for convenience.

While the outdoor has the pool area.  It has outdoor tables for you to truly feel like you are on a vacation.  The breakfast is available from 6-10 am so decide what time of the day you want to swim.  I usually like my swim before breakfast.

For lunch or dinner, F1 hotel Manila has a Filipino- Mexican fusion buffet.  Enjoy your tacos, grilled dishes, nachos, salads and fajita at the F all-Day restaurant.  This delightful spread is Php1699 net per person and available form Friday to Sunday.  My favourites in this section is the Mexican singing and the lechon belly or alpastor in your tacos.

Since school is out and the kids would want to play.  The Palyzone activity area is open from 8 am until 8 pm.  This will keep the little ones entertained and occupied while mom and dad dine Al fresco.  Part of this is the Artsy Little Onesie activity where the kids can nurture their creativity.  They have cup cake decorating session from 3-5pm.

Since the camping trend is on.  F1 hotel Manila brings city glamping at their revamped Canary Lounge.  This is perfect for those who want to de stress, chill and unwind.  Get serenaded with an acoustic night sessions from 8pm to 12 mn every Friday.  Feel free to sing with the guitarist too.

If you feel like fully experiencing glamping.  Make S’mores Memories with chocolate and mallows served in a skillet.  Dip some crackers alongside to recreate that modern campfire ambiance.

Make this summer for the books and experience F1 Hotel Manila Bonifacio Global City.  For inquiries call +6329087888 or drop F1 hotel an email at

Ampalaya Plus: Your solution to diabetes plus more!

Let’s be honest, there are food that is really good for us but we can’t seem to put it in our mouth.  Chewing it is a bitter experience.  Luckily, I have solved this issue by taking its pill version.  Ampalaya Plus (bitter gourd) is a great way to get the benefits of the bitter ground vegetable without the horrendous taste. 

The Plus here comes with banaba and luyang dilaw (ginger). 

It is best to take this capsule before meals.   Well… what are the benefits of these vegetables anyways?  Here are the top ten benefits of Amplaya Plus:

  1. Lower glycemic response to both diabetic and non diabetic subjects. There are over 382 million diabetic patients according to the World Health Organisation.  This is quite a significant population who needs health assistance.  Bitter gourd contains an insulin-like compound called Prolypeptide.  This is said to control diabetes naturally. 
  2. It contains iron and folic acid.  Iron is good for the blood.  The folic acid is known to decrease the risk of stroke and keep your heart healthy.
  3. It contains magnesium and potassium.  Magnesium is crucial for nerve transmission and muscle contraction while potassium absorbs excessive sodium.
  4. It contains Vitamin C.  Vitamin C boosts energy and helps with premature ageing.
  5. It has twice the calcium of Spinach.  Calcium is good for your bones and teeth
  6. It has twice the beta-carotene content of broccoli.  Beta carotene assists in good eye vision.  It gives strong immune system and a healthy skin.
  7. Lower bad cholesterol levels.  Bitter gourd together with banaba and ginger lowers bad cholesterol.  Thus, reducing the risk of heart attack and stroke. 
  8. Anti inflammatory and aids in weight loss.  Ampalya plus will help you with inflammation.  It avoid with that bloated feeling from your food.  It also blocks carbohydrates in making new fat cells and displace existing ones.
  9. It makes the skin glow and have lustrous hair.  If you want to maintain that youthful look.  Ampalaya plus diminishes wrinkles and helps with premature ageing.  It reduces acne and helps with eczema and psoriasis.  The nutrients found in this supplement helps with making the air healthy and shiny. I also found some supplements from, that have really given me a boost of energy.
  10. It cleanses the liver.  This pill helps with cleansing the bowel and heals liver issues.  A clean liver also shows beautiful skin and boosts function of bladder.Here’s a video of a 34 year old diabetic patient: 

Ampalaya Plus is running a diabetes campaign now.  Feel free to join them through this link and win some prizes.

Brotzeits’s New Lunch Menu

Is it lunch time yet because I have some great news from my favourite German restaurant in Manila.  Brotzeit Philippines has a new lunch menu that starts with P265.  Here’s a quick list of them.

Hungry yet?  Lemme try some more convincing by giving my impressions of it from their several dishes.

My favourite is thurnfisch or seared tuna.  I find it as a perfect meal for health conscious diners like me.  The tuna is seared and encrusted with sesame seeds.  It comes with vegetables and quinoa risotto.

Korn und Garneln or Grilled sweet corn and prawn salad is a light fare.  I like how the sweet corn is grilled and the shrimp as poached.  It comes with baby spinach and Brotzeit’s house dressing.

Blumenkohl Salat or warm beetroot and cauliflower salad is also a light and healthy fare.  I am so enticed on the roasted beetroot, pumpkin and cauliflower.  The spinach and walnuts are additional flavours and it comes with balsamic dressing.

For pasta, shwarzwalder Schinken Ruhm Noodeln or black forest ham with flat noodles is my best bet.  It’s the German style carbonara.  The poach egg is a perfect addition.

If you are craving for red sauce pasta, rindergulasch nudeln is available.  You see it coming.  It’s goulasch or stewed beef over flat noodles.

Another delicious pasta they have is the wurst bit speck or sausage medallions.  It’s hard not to have a sausage in Brotzeit.  Problem solved.  Have it with aglio olio and pesto fetuccini.

I also like having crepes for lunch.  Brotzeit did not miss on this.  They have 3 kinds of crepes served for lunch.   The first is the meeresfruchte kreppe or seafood crepe.  Inside it is smoke salmon, tuna, prawns with lettuce and sour cream.  The second crepe is schinken und kase kreppe or smoked ham and cheese crepe.  As the name suggests, it has smoked ham and emmenthel cheese in it.  It’s quite delicious.  Lastly is the gezogenes schweinefleisch krepp or the pulled pork crepe.  This is also really delicious as it comes with a BBQ pulled pork.

Jagerschnitzel or hunter pro cutlet is a popular dish and also available for lunch.  It comes with a breaded pork cutlet with loads of parmesan.

Rostbratwurst or oven baked eggs and sausages is their popular lamb sausage.  It is served hot in a pan with egg and bread.

Fruhstuck or your all day breakfast is always a perfect meal.  All in one pan is grilled garlic sausage, bavarian beans, super crispy bacon, 2 eggs and bread.

Another pan dish is their stewed pork.  It comes with rice, roasted vegetables and parmesan cheese.

The Garnele or shrimp thermidore is so tasty over a pan of gratinated prawn.  Dip your bread into it’s creamy sauce and viola!  It’s a party in your mouth.

If you are craving for beef burger.  They have 2 kinds.  First is the Gebratenes Hackfleisch or broiled ground beef.  It comes with a tasty mushroom gravy sauce.  The popular Brotzeit burger is also available. 1/2 lb of meat baby!

Yes, trying all these 19 dishes from Brotzeit took me 6 hours.  Thank goodness this menu is available from 11 am to 4pm in their Shang Fort and Shang Edsa branches, Mondays to Fridays except holidays.  Thanks Brotzeit and to their culinary director Ivan Maminta.