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Go straight to the Bahnhofstrasse and enjoy strolling along the high end boutiques of Europe.  Swiss watches will always make you drool.  It is easy to get here because it is right by the main train station.  Window shop/Actual shop, dine, enjoy the view at this area.  If you have more energy for walking, head to the Zurich lake to feed the birds.  It is a free and enjoyable fare.  Get your free bread at a sausage place near it.  Might as well order veal to beef to pork sausages here.  Going here and at the back of Bahnhofstrasse, there are remarkable architectural buildings that is great to explore.  Don’t miss it!


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  • Luis

    Highlights of this year: 17.8.2006: Famous ad for my blog in the very early days (by the way: I did the spot with David ;-). 20.8.2006: My first thoughts on the new name of openBC (long berfoe my big scoop) 28.8.2006: I discovered the Swiss entrepreneurship bloggers 3.9.2006: My learnings after the first month of blogging 11.9.2006: I decided to go to the first BarCamp Switzerland (which turned out to be a VERY good decision, because we had the idea for trigami during this BarCamp) 22.9.2006: The big XING-scoop (THE HIGHLIGHT of the year my most successful posting so far !!!) 29.10.2006: My BarCamp report 16.11.2006: The trigami project was born 1.2.2007: First version of trigami went live 6.2.2007: Drinking beer with Robert Scoble (what more can I say ) 21.3.2007: BlogCamp is sold out! 200 participants! (by the way: BlogCamp was born on the first BarCamp, too. So the first BarCamp turned out to be pivotal and legendary!) 26.3.2007: RedHerring 100 in Cannes (EXCELLENT networking; I loved this conference!) 9.4.2007: Why I started using twitter (see also this funny comic 🙂 28.4.2007: First Venture Cocktail next Thursday in Zurich (Venture Cocktail was born in Cannes there definitely seems to be a pattern !!!) 4.5.2007: Remo meets XING (finally: the BIG meeting 🙂 13.6.2007: Dog Attack! (we finally incorporated trigami AG !!!)

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