At first sight of Sydney, the first thought that I had was to live here.  Its perfect! Great weather, awesome people, cool vibes, fresh air, ocean view, mountain view, and a city view.

There are 3 things you shouldn’t miss in Sydney.  The first is your official photo with the Opera House.  This is found at the Darling Harbour.  From this Harbour, you can find great restaurants, cool view and a garden to walk by.  The second other thing you shouldn’t miss is the Manly beach, which is found at the North side of Sydney.   You can cruise here as another awesome adventure.  Bondi beach shouldn’t be missed too.  It’s a quieter and more relax location.  Sigh…  Last but not the least, do not ever miss the Rocks.  Enjoy this historic, cobblestoned place.

Aside from the top 3 that I recommended, Sydney will not stop to entertain.  King’s Cross has bars to go at night.  Only be careful because it is also know as the red light district.  Choose well on the bars here.  At day time, Queen Victoris is a good shopping place or just go here to experience an extraordinary mall.   A little bit farther, the blue mountain is also a nice tour.

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  1. Lol Look at the jealous mriobuenlans writing negative stuff about syney..! like you guys are reallii just chewing up inside! and sydney isn’t just a opera house and bridge.. only someone with half a brain would think this! we have the some of the best beaches, great festivals and most magnificant architecture the habour and its icons are just a signiture of the city! thats like saying all Paris has is the Eiffel Tower..! how stupid is that..! like jealous much!!!!!!!!

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