Kadayawan: A Harvestful Davao Fest

2013 Kadayawan has been successful withstanding the local rumors of bombing during the event.  It was celebrated the whole week of August 13th until the 18th.  The weekend was the highlight of the festival where they celebrated ‘Indak Indak’ on a Saturday and the harvest parade on a Sunday.

Indak Indak is where several different tribe representatives dance on the street.  The dancing is composed of several kids and young adults dressed in colorful outfits.  They have been practicing the dance in preparation for this festival.  It is a much anticipated event for the Davaoñeos and its viewers.

DSC09336 DSC09337 DSC09346

The term “Kadayawan” is from the word Mandaya or “madayaw”.  This is a warm and friendly greeting used to explain a thing that is valuable, superior, beautiful, good, or profitable.  Thus, its colorful and fruitful celebration.

Highlight of the Kadayawan festival happens on its last day, a Sunday.  This is where several floats parade on the street.  The floats are sponsored by different companies or organizations. Famous celebrities are also involved on some of the floats.

DSC09430 DSC09413 DSC09396 DSC09394 DSC09388 DSC09386 DSC09381 DSC09379 DSC09371 DSC09368 DSC09356 DSC09353 DSC09351Kadayawan is truly a fun festivity at the southern part of the Philippines.  If you missed this year, join the fun next year!