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Eat Good and Feel Good with Wok 2 Go

It was wonderful news that a fast, fresh and healthy restaurant opened in Venice Piazza Mckinley Hill.   Wok 2 Go,  is your go-to place if you want to eat quickly, be satisfied without the guilt.  The name of the restaurant fits what it does.  Wok is Chinese for cooking pan and 2 Go is something you can can have on the go. It’s food on the go.  

Ordering from Wok 2 go is relatively easy.  It is fast food style so you have to go to the counter and choose what you want to it.  The first step is to choose which sauce you want to eat.  I have tried pepper from HK and gochujang from Korea.  Both are great and had a little bit of spice.  I guess it all depends on your craving.  I’ve seen and smelled the sinigang sauce from Philippines, and it did not disappoint.  I told myself, if ever I crave for sinigang, I know where to go.
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Then you have to choose your fiber.  Since, Im being healthy, I chose the mixed vegetables.  It is also a best seller.  The red rice with pepper that I had a bite on tasted also good. It was very HK like.  Next is to choose your protein.  You can choose two meats here.  You can also add additional ingredients to make your meal more satisfying.  I like adding an egg on mine.

I ordered Gochujang with mixed vegetables.  I chose shrimp and squid for this then topped it with broccoli, sesame seeds and egg.  Then my drink is a bottled water.  My total is P330 for this Chinese box.  It was a perfect healthy meal for me.

I also hanged out with the cool owners of this restaurant.  Marc Soong is the son of a good friend and mentor of mine, Tito Willie Soong. He is known for his automative (Jaguar, Range rover etc), bar and restaurant (Pool Palace, Revel etc) businesses.  He has been in the loop for awhile now and is successful on these businesses. While  Angie Mead King, is such a lovely lady with great personality.  Her charm works its ways for the restaurants’ publicity.  Mr O.C.(self named), Kim Garcia, works with the operations and makes sure everything is set. He could not sleep if one thing is wrong.

So this is the team behind Wok 2 Go.  I’m sure this fast, fun and healthy restaurant will not disappoint you.  There is absolute quality assurance at an affordable price. The concept is fantastic and Im looking forward to getting my chow here a lot.

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