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Get Rid of Sore and Tight Muscles Using a Lacrosse Ball: Best for Travellers

Do you ever come home and wish you have a personal massager that can target your sore and tight muscles? This is exactly how I feel after every workout. You just want to loosen up those thighs or relieve pain from your feet. I also feel tight after long travels and being in the plane or car for awhile.It’s a good thing that my recommendation is best for travellers since it’s light. The workout freaks will love this too because it is fairly convenient. I have been using Lacrosse ball for awhile and I might say I find this so handy.

1. Tight shoulders and upper back

If you find it hard to put the Lacrosse ball behind your back, use a sock or stocking too reach your back. Lean your user back on the wall and trigger the sore muscles in circular motion.

2. sore chest and pecs
Place the Lacrosse ball on your chest and lean against the wall. Do a circular motion.

3.  sore forearms
Find an even table and put the Lacrosse ball in between your forearms and the table. Move your forearms forward and back. Choose how much pressure you want to put in it by putting more weight on the Lacrosse ball.

4.  sore lower back
Lean your self on a flat wall. Insert Lacrosse ball in between your lower back and the wall. Start doing a circular motion. To add more pressure, it is better to do this laying down on the floor. Just place the Lacrosse ball in between the floor and your lower back. Add pressure by leaning harder on the Lacrosse ball.

5.  tight hips
Lay down side ways on the floor and place the Lacrosse ball on the side of your hips. Roll forward and back until tightness disappears.

6.  sore glutes
Place the Lacrosse ball on one of your glutes as you sit on the floor.  Make a circular motion.

7.  tight hamstring
Roll your hamstring on the floor using a Lacrosse ball. Move forward and back for this one.

8.  sore quads
This time. Lean forward to the floor and place the Lacrosse ball on your quads and the floor. Roll forward and backward.

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9.  sore calves
Place the lacrosse balls under your calves against the floor. Cross the other leg on the top of the leg with the Lacrosse ball underneath. Roll backward and forward.

10.  sore feet
Place the lacrosse ball on the arch of your foot while standing. Start rolling the Lacrosse ball and feel where the soreness leave.