Island hopping would be the highlight of anyone’s trip in El Nido, Palawan.  The scenery here is just amazing.  Different shades of blue, beautiful limestones, secret holes that lead to even greater views, tropical adventure, abundant marine life are some of the wonderful things that you can expect in El Nido.  Yet even with these few words, nothing can compare to actually seeing and experiencing the tiny islands here.

In our recent trip in El Nido, we covered 8 great island spots.  They are perfect for a whole day affair starting from 9am to 5pm.  We used a speed boat to finish all 8 as I’m not sure if a local boat can get to al these places in one day.  There are usually Tour A,B.C to choose from but we would rather customize our own.  Here are the 8 islands we visited:

  1.  Small Lagoon -This the famous small hole you see all over internet that you have to enter then you will see paradise.  You have to transfer from your boat to a kayak to get inside the hole you’re doing to need a special kayak rod holder.  There is a fee that is roughly around P500.
  2. Big Lagoon- This place could fit a boat so you don’t have to change into a kayak.  The speed of the boat slows down as you enter this lagoon.  It moves swiftly until the end and back.  You get to enjoy this serene moment.
  3.  Shimizu Island-  This beautiful island is composed of the whitest of sand and marine life.  Enjoy it by swimming and saying hello to the fish.
  4. Fiji Island-  Fiji is home to over 300 amazing and islands and an endless amount of activities. Whether you’re looking for family fun, a relaxing couples’ getaway, one of the top fiji luxury resorts, or an awe-inspiring cultural experience, there’s something for everyone. Not to mention it’s only a short flight from Australia’s East Coast. Not convinced? Here’s six reasons why you need to put Fiji on your bucket list.Image result for why should you visit fiji island
  5. Snake Island-  You have to option to go hike and see the 360 view of the island which only takes 10-15 mins or just hang at this beautiful white sand bar. If you love Caribbean islands you need to check these villas in Barbados for your next vacations
  6. Helicopter Island-  Here you will find the softest of sand and really beautiful garden of corals.
  7. Cadlao Island-  This is another beautiful island and we spent some time in the lagoon.  The limestone is quite different here and just too amazing to miss it.
  8. Papaya Island-  This is our last stop and has the least of tourists because they usually go the next door island.  They have a tiny store if you want some fresh coconuts.

I also made a You Tube video for those who would rather watch a vid than read: