5 Places to Visit in Guam

The best way to enjoy Guam is to explore the island. As everyone says “Hafadai!” It only does take half a day to go around the island. If you want it more lenient or relaxed, perhaps you can divide the North part and South part of the island per day. Here are my top 5 favorite spots in the island:

  1. My most fave beach now in terms of glorious beauty is Ritidian beach. To be honest I did not have any sleep before coming here but when I arrived my jaw just dropped. The ocean looks seamless as it meets the sky.

2. Pagat Cave and Marbo Cave

Guam has beautiful caves worth exploring. The great thing about these caves is that you can swim in it. It’s right by the ocean but it’s fresh water. Expect the water to be cool and fresh. I wouldn’t drink it though. Surprisingly these two cavse don’t get packed with tourists. Ooops, maybe I shouldn’t have mentioned this.

3. Talofofo falls

This tourist attraction is quite popular and already established. There is a great story behind the making of this park. Yokoi, a Japanese soldier, remained in his hand dug cave in 1945 and even after the war out of fear. He was found in 1972 by two fishermen. This cave is now a monument.

The falls itself is nice to see as it is several tier but it’s not gonna be a real hike since there are other attractions found in this park. There is a ghost house, love garden and a museum to visit. You also ride the cable car to the falls itself. There are friendly animals around like ducks, local pigs and goats you can feed.

4. Inarajan Natural Pool

This natural pool is made of rock and the overflow of water from the ocean. It is a popular site within the local community as well. Families do picnics and hang out by this pool during weekends.

5. Tumon Beach

The white sand of Tumon Beach is the main attraction of Guam. Luxurious hotels and shopping malls are found in this area. It is convenient to stay around here.

My choice of hotel is Westin Resort. It is walking distance to the main strip and located along the nicest part of Tumon beach. They’ve also won awards for best restaurant.

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