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    Ho Chi Minh City

    I’ve never seen so many bikes in my life on the street until I came to HCMC.  You see pedal bikes and motor bikes leading the city’s traffic day in until the wee hours of the night.…

  • Abu Dhabi

    Kuala Lumpur

    The grandiose twin towers of Asia is the first thing that would come up in your head when KL is mentioned.  This is also the first thing or the “must see”  of KL.  The Petronas twin towers…

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    “Firenza” ,as the locals would say it, is one of the most charming town in Italy.  The setting of the place is lovely as can be.  The town maybe little but its art and culture is abundant.…

  • Lambo
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    Abu Dhabi

    Rotating Volvo (you tube link) A 45 min ride away from Dubai is the richest city in the world.   There is not much to do in this area but events are always grandiose.  Concerts are enormous,…