and Web Summit Expand Commitment to Women in Tech

Amsterdam, The Netherlands – 24 APRIL 2018 – Today, one of the world’s largest travel e-commerce companies and a digital technology leader, announced a global partnership with Web Summit. Together they will host a dedicated ‘Women in Tech’ networking and mentoring program at the flagship Web Summit event, as well as initiatives at affiliated events Collison and RISE in 2018. This exclusive collaboration continues and Web Summit’s efforts to redress the under-representation of women in technology by creating more opportunities for women to enter, advance and thrive in the sector. will host the first of a number of networking initiatives for women at the Women in Tech lounge at Collision 2018, being held in New Orleans, USA, from April 30th-May 3rd, 2018. One of America’s leading technology conferences, Collison brings together CEOs of the world’s fastest growing startups and Fortune 500 companies, alongside leading investors and media. CEO Gillian Tans will also participate in a panel on “Sustainability in Big Business”, sharing her insights on the role of major companies in furthering global sustainability and ethical practices.
Web Summit 2018, taking place in Lisbon, Portugal, from November 5th-8th, will be the focal point of the global partnership and will feature an expanded ‘Women in Tech Mentor Program’, following the success of the inaugural initiative at last year’s event. The Web Summit 2017 women’s mentoring program attracted nearly 200 participants, with 60 high-profile mentors from across the tech sector, including Gillian Tans and other executives.

RISE 2018 will take place on 9th-12th July 2018 in Hong Kong and is the largest tech conference in Asia. The event attracts more than 15,000 attendees each year from over 100 countries. will host the Women in Tech networking lounge at the event.
“We are excited to partner with Web Summit again this year to build on the strong demand and engagement we saw in 2017 and to continue our efforts in driving gender diversity in tech at a global level. Recent data suggests that 90% of women working in technology across the world have experienced gender bias in the workplace and this, coupled with the lack of mentors (48%) and female role models (42%), are the top three obstacles preventing women from choosing to advance their careers in tech,” said Gillian Tans, CEO of

“We are expanding our partnership with Web Summit with marquee events in Europe, North America and Asia to continue the conversations about gender diversity and to support women through mentoring and providing more opportunities for them to collaborate, network and share experiences. This global partnership will give us another platform to help pivot gender inequalities and gaps in the male-dominated tech workplace and encourage more women from across the world to become positive role models for others.”
Web Summit runs the world’s most highly regarded technology events which bring together world leaders, Fortune 500 companies, tech giants and groundbreaking startups to examine and celebrate the latest advances in technology.
Paddy Cosgrave, CEO and co-founder of Web Summit, said: “Web Summit run the most prominent technology events in the world and we are committed to driving a positive change in the industry. We launched our women in tech initiative three years ago to increase the number of women participating at our events around the world. This commitment to change resulted in a female/male gender ratio at Web Summit of 42% / 58% for the last two years.
“We are pleased to partner again with to further this important cause and provide a platform for raising awareness about gender equality in the tech industry globally. The partnership with will help us provide further opportunities for female tech talent attending our events to network with and learn from some of the most successful tech entrepreneurs in the industry today.”

Top 5 Best Things to Eat in Lisbon, Portugal

A visit to Lisbon is just a wonderful, memorable experience.  I am so fond with this place.  If you want to know more about Lisbon and my highly recommend places, read this.  While on food, I also have several recommendations for you.  Here is my top 5 list on the best things to eat in Lisbon:

  1.  Pastel de Nata

Portugal’s most popular dessert is pastel de nata and is visible all throughout the country.  Bakeries are really popular and this could be available in every corner.  The original pastel de nada  can be found in Pasteis de Belem.  For me, this is one of the best desserts I’ve had in my life.  A lot of people also like this as their breakfast because it does smell so fresh in the morning.  It is perfect for the on the go crowd and the lazying type. 

This food runs more or less on 1 Euro per piece.  The famous Pasteis de Belem, which is the original Pastel de Nata is my favorite.  You can see this youtube video on what to do in Belem.  

2.  Seafood 

Any local would say that Portugal is one of the best seafood places in the world and I do believe them. 

   a.  Polvo 

They have the best tasting octopus around the world.  I especially like the way they cook it and how it is not so gummy or rubbery.  It is very tender and I like to pair it with salad or potatoes.  The price would depend on the restaurant serving it.

c.  Peixe, particularly sea bass-  I just love this fish so much anywhere in the world.  In Lisbon,  this one is also unforgettable.  The price also depends on the restaurant but this one is only 7 euros for the whole meal plus soup.

3.  Sardines- I have to put this in another category because it deserves it.  The sardines of Portugal has become a tourist attraction. I got this from the grocery Store at less than 2 Euros. You would think it’s unhealthy to eat something in a can.  Well,  I am not an expert on this but this one still taste fresh unlike from what I get in other stores worldwide which is too fishy.

See this youtube video in Baixa area where the sardines:

4.  Steak and ham

Lisbon, Portugal also has great meat.   Although I would say that Portugal is known for their seafood, their meat dishes are also great tasting.  Fresh ham I just like how everything tastes fresh here really.  Here is a plate I got from Timeout.  Timeout is a little bit pricey compared to local restaurants because it is a tourist attraction.  Nonetheless, I think it is worth it to come here.

5.  Bifana

This is also a popular dish in Portugal’s local menu. Bifana, their famous sandwich is easy to eat and a great snack or meal for folks that are in a hurry.  Since this is easy to eat, I usually 4 eat this while standing. 

The price runs around 3 to 5 Euros.  It is great snack although some local says it is their dessert.  They sure have an appetite.

What about you?  What else do you think is another must eat in Portugal?


Don’t Miss Beautiful Lisbon and Nearby Places

Lisbon, or Lisboa locally, is a lovely port rich in history…  where you will find friendly, helpful people.  where supplies are affordable.  I had .80 Euros of espresso at a lovely park in a high end real estate part of town.

Going here, I took a night train from Madrid to Lisbon.  It costs about 50-80 Euros for a sleeper train.  Here’s my experience on a hotel train from Madrid to Lisbon using Renfe:

November weather is usually cold in other parts of Europe, but they say, it is still very nice in Lisbon still.  I managed to dip in Estoril for a bit.

Nearby is Cascais and more tourist friendly.  It is a place for nice restaurants by the beach, beach volleyball court ready for you to play, widespread of beach for you to run and a glorious sunset to see.  At this time in November, some are still surfing and swimming. 

If you have extra time or you need a beach trip, Estoril and Cascais are places to visit.  It is about 30 minute drive from Lisbon. There is also trains that go here and it is around 45 mins of ride.

Check the weather condition first and see if this is a good option for you.  For a weatherproof visit, first thing to do is grab pastel de nata from nearby bakery.  They come very fresh in the morning.  

Don’t miss the one and only original pasties de Belem.  This is a 10 minute drive from Lisbon and it’s my favourite pastel de nata amongst what I have tried.  I had one of these Portugese custard cake at least once a day.  Here’s a youtube vid about Belem:

There are also pleasant sights to see in Belem and it’s walking distance from the pastry shop.  I highly suggest to start with Pasteis de Belem and coffee for breakfast.  As you go out, walk your way to the left of it.  You will see a lovely church and across it is a medium sized park. 

If you walk towards the park and cross a tunnel, you will be directed to the port.  You will find this awesome monument called Padrão dos Descobrimentos.  This monument celebrates the age of discovery during the 15th and 16th century.  This is the age where Europe did plenty of extensive exploration.

Then walk further to the right facing the Tagus river and you will see Torre de Belem or Tower of Belem.  This is quite an iconic facade and a UNESCO World Heritage site.  It has a significant role as well during the maritime times of Europe’s age of discovery.

Here’s a video guide for you to enjoy Belem.

Back in Lisbon, the main attraction is in the Baixa area.  I actually stayed in a nice hotel around the city at an affordable price.  Pls book here for your hotel needs.  The place where I stayed is called Hotel VIP Diplomatico.  I actually highly recommend this place because of its location, convenience, cleanliness and nice staff.  Just for fun, I ran from my hotel to the grocery to test my new action camera.  Here’s the vid:

Baixa is Lisbon’s historic heart and commercial center.  You will find lots of restaurants, cafes, banks and shops here.  This place is never boring and always charming.  I would have to say, like any other countries, to be careful because there are lots of pick pockets here.

Let’s not forget another iconic and a must-see in Lisbon, the tram.  Trams can also be found in Baixa area.  It is actually a normal commute for the locals to use.  Tourists, like me, love it and try to ride it.  On peak hours, it could actually be really full.

As I was saying, an espresso costs about 80 cents here and I got it from a high end real estate in Baixa area.  This is in Prinsipe Real.  Find the main park here.  It’s actually in the center.  Enjoy this moment….sigh….

For the night life, Cadiz de sobre is the place to go.  In history, this place used to be full of brothels especially for the explorers.  The city has cleaned it up and they turned this street to be rows of fun bars.

Baixa will lead you to the ocean and even through walking, this is possible.  I was never bored but I would highly recommend on walking with flat and comfortable shoes around this area.

Here’s a walkable tour in Lisbon:

Lastly,my favourite place to visit here is Sintra.  Madonna  bought an 18th century home here recently.  I would not blame here.  This place is gorgeous and captivating.

10-15 minutes away is the westernmost point of Europe which is Cabo da roca.  It is quite a windy place to visit but but the view is completely worth it.  

Here’s a vid about Sintra and nearby places.  Here is to show why it’s definitely a must visit place.