Getting Myself Beach Ready

I have this on and off journey of getting myself fit.  Every year, I try a different workout and diet regimen.  I did experiment on myself with lemon diet, 4hour diet and clean eating for several years.  All of them worked but I was still feeling unhealthy and imbalanced.  In 2017, I think I kinda nailed it.

As someone who enjoys the beach a little bit too much and who plays ultimate frisbee with younger and more athletic players/teams, I need to be more than slim.  I am actually skinny fat.  Weird?  Not at all, this is the body type of people who looks skinny from the outside but has a high body fat percentage.  In short, I am not fit.

See my pic below as skinny fat.  I was on my ideal weight and, in fact, towards the low side near underweight border.  Yet, my body fat is on the higher side and my muscle percentage is on the lower side of my supposed to be average weight.  I also did not bother to edit this pic.  I mean, you get the picture.

The body I want is strong but not overly muscular.   I want to be slender yet powerful. How do you do this?  How do you turn skinny fat to skinny fit? With the supervision of coach JM Mranda, I was given a series of workout that burned my fat and increased my muscles.

Coach JM Miranda is a Gold’s Gym Manager and elite trainer.  He is also a certified functional movement specialist and a certified rapid fit trainer.  I also have to thank Monique Pe Benito, Gold’s gym Creative and Publishing director, and Raeven Roxas, Gold’s gym Manager who made this meet up happen.  We also built an FB messenger support group.

From left to right: Monique, Jm, me, Raeven

Lifting weights does not make a woman’s body huge.  I tried it myself and I did not bulk up.  It’s the cupcakes, darling.  This is my initial workout on January:

MWF with TTHS yoga

A1. 3×10 Fly

A2. 3×10 Military Press

A3. 3×10 Bicep Curl

A4. 3×10 Tricep Curls

B1. 3×10 Squats

B2. 3×10 SLDL

C1. Core

First mistake, you don’t do the same routine every time. You’re body will adapt to the routine and you’ll stop progressing.-  coach JM

Then coach JM gave me the real workout on February.  This workout is done as 1A and 1B as first set of 3 rounds.  30 seconds rest and proceed to the next set.

Monday Workout with TTHS yoga

1A. 3×10 Squat Jumps

1B. 3×20 Full Plank w/ Shoulder

Tap 2A. 3×10 DB Goblet Squats (20lbs)

2B. 3×10 DB Elevated Push Up

2C. 3×40 Mountain Climber

3A. 3×10 BB Deadlift (bar + 10lbs/side)

3B. 3×10 1-arm DB Row (10lbs) 3C. 3×10 SB Rollout

Finisher: 4×20 Burpees 4×1:00 Treadmill Run


Wednesday with TTHS yoga

1A. 3×10 DB Squat and Press

1B. 3x30sec Side Plank/side

2A. 3×20 DB Walking Lunges

2B. 3×10 DB 1-arm Incline Chest Press/side

2C. 3×20 Dead Bug

3A. 3×10 DB Single Leg Deadlift

3B. 3×10 Lat Pull Down

3C. 3×10 SB Plank

Finisher: 4×10 Inchworm 4×20 Bear Crawl

Friday Workout with TTHS yoga

4×30 Jumping Jacks 4×40 High Knees – Finish with no rest

Friday Workout with TTHS yoga

30 Walking Lunges

20 Leg Raises

20 Hip Raise March

16 Lateral Shuffle Burpee –

Finish 4 rounds of everything. No rest between Exercise, 1 min rest per round 15 mins Treadmill Inlcine (15%) Walk. 4-5% speed

On March, I was travelling a lot and sometimes I can’t find a gym, coach JM modified my workout:

Workout 1:

20 Burpees

20 Squat Jumps

20 Inchworm to push up

15 Burpees

15 Squat Jumps

15 Inchworm to push up

10 Burpees

10 Squat Jumps

10 Inchworm to push up

5 Burpees

5 Squat Jumps

5 Inchworm to push up

Core: 3×1:00 Plank 3×45 sec side plank (right) 3×45 sec side plank (left)

Workout 2:

Body Weight Squats

Modified push up

Hip lifts Mountain climbers

Forward lunges

Plank walk

Lateral lunges

40 seconds/exercise 10 seconds rest between exercises Repeat for 3 rounds 1:00 rest per rounds

Back to the gym and workout is bumped up. We called this workout Jakarta because I did this workout in Jakarta.  At first I thought it was sweet and short.  Don’t be fooled


15 Goblet Squats

30 Burpees

1km treadmill run – 1min rest –

15 BB Deadlift 30

Squat jumps 1km

Treadmill Repeat for 3 rounds.


Sprint training on my own


A1. 20 mountain climber

A2. 20 reverse lunge with press

A3. 20 burpees – 30 sec rest –

B1. 30 DB wood Chops

B2. 30 Lateral Bear Crawl

B3. 30 Cable core cross – 30 ses rest –

C1. 30 Mountain Climber

C2. 30 Reverse lunge with DB press

C3. 30 Burpees – 30 sec rest –

D1. 40 DB wood chops

D2. 40 Lateral Bear Crawl

D3. 40 cable core cross – 30 sec rest –

E1. 40 mountain climber

E2. 40 reverse lunge with DB press

E3. 40 burpees – 30 sec rest –

F1. 50 DB wood chops

F2. 50 lateral bear crawl

F3. 50 core cable cross

It was all hard at first but I began to really see results.  We also workout together in Gold’s gym (Libis, Philippines).

I have also believed that it’s 80% nutrition.  Read this post for my combined diet for this workout. This nutritional plan and a regular workout is a great combination that hits my target perfectly.  This plan really worked well.

This coming year (2018), I plan to do clean eating, workout and enhancement with Teatox by Teacup.

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